Altona Motor Vehicle and Parts Dealers

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Bueckert Motors Ltd

Altona, Manitoba
Telephone: 204-324-1811
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Home Entertainment Ctr Ltd

Altona, Manitoba
Telephone: 204-324-8288
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Keystone Cat Shop

Altona, Manitoba
Telephone: 204-324-5074
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Martin's Tv

Altona, Manitoba
Telephone: 204-324-6797
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Mgk Aero Supply

Altona, Manitoba
Telephone: 204-324-6088
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Red Baron Power Chutes

Altona, Manitoba
Telephone: 204-324-9073
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York Tire

Altona, Manitoba
Telephone: 204-324-8681
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Bumper To Bumper

Altona, Manitoba
Telephone: 204-324-8888
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Rhineland Car Co Ltd

Altona, Manitoba
Telephone: 204-324-6474
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Industries in the Motor Vehicle and Parts Dealers subsector retail motor vehicles and parts from fixed point-of-sale locations. Establishments in this subsector typically operate from a showroom and/or an open lot where the vehicles are on display. The display of vehicles and the related parts require little by way of display equipment. The personnel generally include both the sales and sales support staff familiar with the requirements for registering and financing a vehicle as well as a staff of parts experts and mechanics trained to provide repair and maintenance services for the vehicles. Specific industries have been included in this subsector to identify the type of vehicle being retailed. Sales of capital or durable nonconsumer goods, such as medium and heavy-duty trucks, are always included in wholesale trade. These goods are virtually never sold through retail methods.